Ballad of the David Frum Re-Tweet

by chuckofthesea

(sung to the tune of “Oh What a Night” by the Four Seasons)

Oh what a war!

Early spring back in 2003

Intensely mendacious times for me

But lies are how you start a war

Oh what a war!

Several hundred thousand people dead,

Strung Saddam Hussein up by his head,

Still so much was left in store


Got its start from what I helped begin

What a sin!

And I

Helped start civil wars no one could win

Oh what a war!

But centrist punditry is such a dump

That all I had to do was tweet at Trump

And everyone forgot my war

I felt no rush like a rolling ball of karma

A bunch of Arabs was the only ones I harmed

Oh what a war!

No one’s ever gonna see the light

God it feels so good to be so white

No surrender, always war