Confessions of a recently stoned man nearing 40.

by chuckofthesea

I feel envious of the kids growing up in this era where everybody knows what strain of pot they’re buying & what it does. I stopped smoking because I became terrified of weed, because growing up you just bought a gram of something called “marijuana,” & maybe it would make you relax a bit & make a movie seem a little funnier, or maybe you would have trouble feeling your legs & start worrying that if time became a food then you might starve. It would have been like learning to drink in a world where beer, tequila, absinthe, & Mike’s Hard Lemonade were all just sold as “Booze” in bottles that were all the same size & colour.

Anyhow, for those of us on the radical left, and maybe even for others, it can seem like the campaign for decriminalization or legalization is relatively frivolous stuff. Its cultural norms are pretty easy to make fun of. But besides its strong potential for decreasing the discretionary powers of police, decreasing criminal violence, raising tax revenue, etc., the movement to civilize our approach to marijuana is also just a quality of life issue. It’s been an incredibly successful movement, & smokers & non-smokers alike owe it a debt of gratitude.

Ya did good, burnouts!